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Applicants to the law schools of the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Glasgow, King’s College London, Manchester Metropolitan, Nottingham, Oxford and University College London will be required to sit the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT).

The importance of the LNAT

The LNAT is a tool devised by universities in order to discriminate between candidates in the extremely competitive process of university admissions. A strong LNAT result will be key to admission into the UK’s top law schools. In addition, future employers may also use the LNAT score to discriminate between candidates. Your score on the two-hour LNAT exam is likely to be weighted more heavily than any single test in your academic history. Because admissions departments recognize the inadequacy of the A-level system in identifying the best candidates, a strong LNAT result could compensate for an otherwise mediocre application. Given this, it is imperative that you prepare effectively for the LNAT.

Preparation can dramatically improve your score!

The US experience with similar reading comprehension tests (LSAT) has conclusively shown thatpreparation makes a difference to results. Given that preparation can make a big difference to your LNAT result, it is important for your future that you choose the best preparation methods possible.

Preparation material

We want our customers to score the highest in the upcoming LNAT. To this end, we have invested in the research and creation of a meticulously designed LNAT eBook. This electronic book has been continually revised since the first LNAT test in 2004.  “Ace the LNAT” by Cataga is a comprehensive preparation eBook containing test-taking strategies, analytical tools, skills and other essential knowledge designed as a tool to help you maximise your LNAT score.  The eBook contains three complete LNAT Section A practice tests simulating the actual LNAT. The practice LNAT tests are designed to provide the reader with the type of practice that is all important in successful standardised test taking. Prepare for the LNAT with practice, practice and more practice.

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Sample LNAT Section A Question

Do you want to see how you might fare on LNAT reading comprehension questions? Try our Sample Section A Question, which is a preview of what you will find in Ace the LNAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like more information on the LNAT and LNAT Preparation? Please visit our FAQs page to find answers to questions such as “Is the LNAT impervious to preparation?”, “Will preparation above reading newspapers improve my LNAT result?”, “How do I register for the LNAT?”, and many more.

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