LNAT prep eBook

LNAT prep eBook

“Ace the LNAT” – preparation guide with practice tests

Although the LNAT will be challenging, preparation can make a significant difference to your score. With the strategies, insights and practice tests offered in ACE The LNAT – 3rd Edition, you can considerably improve your LNAT performance. Cataga was the first company to provide preparation materials for the LNAT in 2004 and our eBook provides students with the most detailed preparation guidance available.  Get every possible advantage and raise your score!

Key Features

ACE The LNAT – 3rd Edition is the leading LNAT preparation publication. This 150 page electronic book is designed for motivated students who want the best LNAT preparation available. Our customers are those who wish to maximise their chance of acceptance on the law course of their choice.

LNAT Section A

  • Be taught the most effective way to tackle each of the main question types.
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate the answer choices designed to trick you by using methods of scope, location, extremes, and diametric opposites.
  • Be advised on the most effective manner of approaching questions and practise techniques to avoid misreading.
  • Discover the ways test writers inadvertently reveal the correct answer; such mistakes exist throughout the official LNAT sample test and are likely to occur in the actual exam.
  • Be trained on how to make best use of newspaper editorials as practice material.

LNAT Section B

  • Study Fundamental Writing Techniques; from simple tips on spelling, punctuation and grammar, to discussions on verb voice, correct tone and clean academic prose.
  • Be trained on how to compose persuasive arguments; employ methods of limiting scope, critical distance and appropriate emotion.
  • Learn how to structure your essay using the proven Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis model with proper use of structural signals.
  • Understand how to use Logic and the dangers of non sequiturs, suppressed evidence and circular reasoning.
  • Learn the criteria for choosing the optimum question to answer.

LNAT Practice Tests

ACE The LNAT – 3rd Edition contains three complete LNAT Section A Practice Tests – 90 Reading Comprehension questions and 15 Essay Questions meticulously crafted to mirror both the difficulty level and style of the official LNAT sample tests. Our questions have been tested on over 150 students to ensure appropriate difficulty levels. Our tests come complete with full answer explanations, that tell you what makes the correct answers right and the incorrect answers wrong. These will enable you to hone your skills and judge your progress.

Customer testimonials for previous editions

R. Woolley, Felixstowe:

“Just want to say a huge thank you for producing your book…the material took me from being scared of the text to the stage where I could answer the questions decisively and – perhaps more importantly – guess with conviction. When I did a dry run I scored two out of thirty and with your book not only did I go from strength to strength but I beat the national average.”

James Allen, Enfield:

“…(this book) is vital for anyone like me who has never been taught how to approach a reading comprehension test effectively – worth the money.”

Beth Clark, Leeds:

“…I had no idea how helpful your book was going to be until I read it. It is very clear and will be super preparation for the LNAT.”

J L Kuo, Hong Kong:

“…your eBook is very comprehensive with excellent advice – thank you. “

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